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The Zeitgeist Movement  is a global organization that advocates sustainability. It recognizes that technical solutions exist which can solve the majority of our social problems. These solutions are not being implemented due to our current socio-economic condition.

The Zeitgeist Movement is an educational movement working to show the world what is possible for the future; working to get humanity on the same page through a common ground relationship of needs and sustainability; and to help facilitate development towards the implementation and transition into a Natural Law Resource Based Economy(NLRBE).

An NLRBE is an adaptive socioeconomic system actively derived from direct physical reference to the governing scientific laws of nature.

The movement does not recognize divisionary notions such as nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. 

The change we advocate works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization where human rights are not just paper proclamations, but a way of life for everyone. 

This can be achieved through the humane application of the Scientific Method to social concern, along with the transition into a Natural Law Resource Based Economy. 

This site is a meeting place that provides members of The Zeitgeist Movement - Virgin Islands Chapter with a shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, photo gallery, file storage and more. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate!

Please view some of the following movies and presentations:

Zeitgeist: Introduction


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward


Zeitgeist: Addendum


Economic Calculation in a Natural Law Resource Based Economy




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